Therapeutic gemstones for
Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is awakening and developing higher consciousness. Working with these gems can help heighten spiritual awareness, abolish impediments to higher states of consciousness, and strengthen the intuition. These gemstones are predominantly indigo and purple.

They can help you:


Let go of limiting attachments


Open to higher states of consciousness


Strengthen and clarify the intuition


Open to your inner source of wisdom


Gain clarity about your true nature or purpose

The therapeutic gemstone necklaces that focus on higher consciousness and spiritual awakening include the following solid and combination necklaces:


Attaining Wisdom

Amethyst helps you attain wisdom by reminding every aspect of your being of its inherent spiritual nature. Amethyst and the purple ray it carries draw your attention beyond the mind to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge, then bring this wisdom back into clear, conscious thought. Amethyst helps you let go of all that is old and all that holds you back so you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny.

Letting Go of Attachments

Purple Ray eases your passage through your next spiritual gateway by releasing long-standing attachments. It helps you let go of old habits and attitudes regarding wealth, power, religion, and society. Once free of these limitations, your receptivity to the purple ray can deepen, and the wisdom and higher consciousness offered by Amethyst can flourish. Purple Ray also enriches your emotional life by easing the grip of limiting patterns and encouraging a healthy balance of introverted and extroverted modes of expression.

Amethyst, Biwa Pearl, and 14-karat gold beads.

True Meaning of Wealth

Insight helps you move beyond limitations regarding money and power. By bringing the energies of these issues to your brow chakra, it grants insight into both your financial situation and the true meaning of wealth. It opens your awareness to the spiritual significance of these issues so that you can take steps to resolve them. Insight also brings to light the causes and solutions for any physical imbalances associated with the metal element as described in Oriental medicine.

Amethyst, Lavender, and 14-karat gold beads.

Developing Intuition

Indigo helps develop your intuition. It carries the indigo ray throughout your being, absorbing the limiting mental energies that obstruct the intuition and cloud the mind. Through its profound resonance with the intuitive body, Indigo builds bridges between your intuition and your conscious awareness. It teaches you to distinguish between mental concepts and direct perception so you may better hear the whisperings of Soul.

Expanding Consciousness

Purple Rainbow Fluorite breaks up the patterns, congestion, and blockages that limit the natural tendency of your consciousness to expand. It initiates profound changes in the way your body accepts the life force, especially the purple and indigo rays. Its powerful ability to abolish impediments helps stubborn conditions progress in their healing. Purple Rainbow Fluorite heightens spiritual experiences during dreams, meditations, and in daily life.

Ensuring Balanced Change -
Fluorite Combinations

Making the profound changes needed for the growth of consciousness demands careful maintenance of your own balance. Wearing a solid necklace of Purple Rainbow Fluorite can cause serious imbalances by unleashing too many changes too quickly. Therefore, it should always be combined with other balancing or uplifting gemstones in a necklace. When you wear Purple Rainbow Fluorite in a properly designed necklace, the desired effects will occur in balance. The four combination necklaces described below are the ideal vehicles for maximizing Purple Rainbow Fluorite's effects.


Higher Consciousness

Breanna cultivates higher consciousness by dissolving the bonds of limited awareness. As Breanna's energy moves throughout your being, it breaks up blockages in the flow of the purple ray, often associated with conditions of the nervous system. Breanna awakens, nourishes, and stabilizes your brow chakra. By wearing Breanna, you will become more aware of the fluidity of the physical universe and of your own ability to master all situations.

Purple Rainbow Fluorite cylinders, Lavender, and Amethyst.

Multi-Dimensional Healing

Purple Eagle helps resolve the causes of your most limiting condition by strongly breaking up the pockets of physical and inner disharmony that are perpetuating it. At the same time, Purple Eagle balances, nourishes, and supports your physical body so it can keep pace with the profound inner changes initiated by Purple Rainbow Fluorite. Purple Eagle speeds the resolution of any karma associated with your condition so that your healing can be more swift, profound, and complete.

Purple Rainbow Fluorite cylinders and frosted Quartz and Amethyst spheres.

Color-Ray Healing

Fluorite Rainbow and Light Stream enhance your ability to accept and be healed by the life force. To do this, they break up blockages in the flow of all seven color rays throughout your physical and inner aspects. Both necklaces help you move beyond undesirable situations by stimulating the resolution of karma and accelerating the life lessons associated with color-ray imbalances.

Fluorite Rainbow has twice as many Fluorites and color-ray gemstones as Light Stream; yet, because of its design, it's more than twice as potent.

Purple Rainbow Fluorite, Lavender, Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald Blue Sapphire, Indigo, and Amethyst.