Rhodonite Therapies
This therapy improves the chakras' ability to regulate the healthy flow and expression of emotions. By placing Rhodonite on the chakras, this therapy clears, soothes, and stabilizes the chakras and restores harmony among them.


One solid necklace of Rhodonite spheres, 8 mm or 10 mm in diameter


Please click here for a Diagram of Chakra Locations.

  • When wearing a Rhodonite necklace does not provide you with enough emotional stability and support
  • When you wish to better regulate your emotions
  • When you are feeling irritable, over-reactive, hypersensitive to others, or biochemically out of balance
  • When you continually feel low on energy, alternate between states of high and low energy, have mood swings, or crave stimulants


Your chakras play a vital role in your emotional well-being. Among other things, they regulate the channels through which your emotional energy flows to your physical body for expression. This Rhodonite therapy restores harmony among your chakras so that they can better regulate the flow of your emotional energy.

By treating your chakras, you also treat all the emotional-physical channels throughout your body. The channels themselves are vibrational in nature. They can be imagined as tiny tubes connecting each cell in your physical body with its counterpart in your emotional dimension. Through them, your physical cells receive emotional energy. This flow of energy is important: to maintain health, your emotions should help fuel everything you do, whether it's a hobby or a responsibility.

When all these channels are working properly, each chakra expresses a subtle sound, or note, that harmonizes with the notes played by all the other chakras.

This harmony among your chakras denotes accord between your body and emotions. Mild positive emotions, such as contentment, peace, and quiet happiness, keep the chakras' music on key. Stronger emotions, whether positive or negative, change the chakras' notes. If the emotions are strongly negative, the notes can change significantly. Then it takes some calming down and re-centering for you to reestablish the harmonious music among your chakras.

Maintaining harmony among your chakras helps you keep your emotional balance. Chakras whose vibrations are off-key cannot properly regulate the cellular channels between your physical and emotional aspects. Many things can happen as a result. For example, channels in certain areas can become blocked, thus cutting off your body from its source of emotional fuel and information. When your chakras are off-key, you can also become irritable, over-reactive, hypersensitive, emotionally unstable, or biochemically out of balance. You might also experience low energy, have mood swings, or crave stimulants.

This Rhodonite therapy helps restore harmony to your chakras. It also helps release any unnecessary energies from the chakras and imparts a healing, soothing, and supportive influence to each chakra on which it is placed. When your chakras are operating in harmony, you can more easily acknowledge and feel your emotions. Your chakras also become stronger and better regulators of your cellular channels.

Placing the Rhodonite on the root chakra first promotes emotional stability in your physical body.

  1. Lie down on your back.
  2. Bunch a Rhodonite necklace in your hand, and hold it on your root chakra (see Reference Chart for an illustration of chakra locations). Keep it there for at least several minutes.
  3. Be alert to your intuitive sense of when to remove the Rhodonite.
    • If, after several minutes, the chakra seems to be soaking in the Rhodonite energy and wants to retain the Rhodonite, keep it there for a few minutes longer. Then go to Step 4.
    • If you sense a "pull-away" - that is, an increasing pressure or discomfort or simply an urge to remove the Rhodonite - go to Step 4.
  4. Choose the next chakra for treatment, and move the Rhodonite there-
    • If you sense which chakra "wants" the Rhodonite next, move the Rhodonite to that chakra.
    • If you do not sense which chakra "wants" the Rhodonite next, lift the Rhodonite off the chakra and hold it 12 to 18 inches above your heart chakra. Try again to sense a "pull-in" to another chakra. If you still don't feel a pull-in, use your intuition to choose any other chakra for treatment.
  5. Hold the Rhodonite in the center of the next chakra for at least several minutes.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 - 5 until you have treated all the chakras that have requested treatment. You may find that some chakras want to be treated more than once or that a certain chakra does not want any treatment. Trust your intuition about which chakras are requesting treatment