Green Tourmaline Therapies
A woman whose masculine aspect is deficient or blocked wears a Green Tourmaline necklace for brief periods to strengthen her masculine expression and thereby restore the balance of her sexual energies.  This therapy is particularly beneficial for women who have trouble asserting themselves or who are struggling with their sexual identity. 


One solid necklace of Green Tourmaline spheres or rounded chips

  • When a woman's masculine aspect is weakened, suppressed, or undeveloped and her feminine aspect overwhelms her healthy expression of masculine energy. Symptoms may include -
    • Difficulty asserting herself in the world
    • A sense that she is continually put down, stepped on, or abused
    • An inability to deal with other people without feeling hurt, or manipulated
    • A perceived lack of feminine identity
    • A conscious struggle with her sexual orientation
  • When a woman is having difficulty letting go of her limiting attitudes and beliefs about male/female relationships
  • When an adult woman athlete wishes to increase her strength and endurance
  • When a woman is healthy and feels relatively balanced in her masculine and feminine aspects and wants to do either of the following -
    • Nourish her masculine aspect
    • Experience Green Tourmaline energy
  • When a woman is healthy and feels relatively balanced in her masculine and feminine aspects but feels drained after orgasm


If a woman is trying to get pregnant or is in the first two trimesters of pregnancy, she should avoid any direct contact with Green Tourmaline. Masculine and feminine energies play a critical role in the production, circulation, and reception of hormones. During pregnancy, a woman's hormonal balance changes dramatically. The gender balance of a fetus is delicate and requires a mother's feminine strengths for protection. Manipulating a woman's male energies by wearing Green Tourmaline could upset her endocrine system and could compromise the pregnancy or possibly harm the fetus. If the woman's husband or male partner wears Green Tourmaline, neither she nor her unborn child will suffer any imbalances.


When a woman's masculine aspect is weak, suppressed, or undeveloped, this imbalance can manifest in a variety of ways. For example, she might have difficulty asserting herself, or she might frequently feel abused or manipulated.

She might struggle to let go of limiting attitudes about male/female relationships. Although it may seem paradoxical, she might also feel a lack of feminine identity or be bisexual or lesbian. This situation is sometimes due, not to deficient femininity, but to suppressed masculine energy and a hidden excess of feminine energy. In her body's effort to strengthen its masculine aspect, a woman might express herself in what may seem like a masculine way.

A woman whose masculine aspect is weakened can benefit from wearing Green Tourmaline for brief periods. The Green Tourmaline will help her masculine energy and expression become stronger and more defined. This can help a woman stand up for herself, protect herself, or simply handle her environment better. Wearing Green Tourmaline can help her balance her sexual energies and, if she is struggling with her sexual identity, feel more comfortable with her feminine identity. Green Tourmaline can help a woman resolve within one lifetime the often-painful gender issues that might otherwise require a masculine incarnation to work out. For a woman who feels drained after orgasm, Green Tourmaline helps re-balance her sexual energies and restore her vitality.

Of course, this therapy is not appropriate for lesbian women who are happy with their sexual orientation; it is only for those who feel discontented and are seeking a change.

When a woman athlete wears a Green Tourmaline necklace while performing her athletic activity, she will experience greater strength and endurance, and her overall performance will improve.



Wear a Green Tourmaline necklace around your neck.

Remove the necklace when you are bathing or if you find it uncomfortable to sleep with the necklace on. During these times, keep the Green Tourmaline within three feet of your body.


  1. Immediately before beginning your warm-up exercises or athletic activity, place a Green Tourmaline necklace around your neck.
  2. Continue to wear the Green Tourmaline while performing your sport.
  3. When you have completed your activity and your breathing has returned to normal, remove the Green Tourmaline from your neck.
  4. If you start experiencing any symptoms of imbalance in your feminine energies (for example, irritability or a change in your menstrual cycle) -
    • Wear the Pink Tourmaline combination necklace, Rubelle, for several hours each day. Wait at least one hour after removing the Green Tourmaline before putting on the Rubelle necklace. (See Rubelle, for a description of Rubelle's properties and benefits.)
    • Never wear Green Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline at the same time.



Wear the Green Tourmaline necklace until something happens that suggests you should take it off. For instance, the gems might start feeling heavy and uncomfortable around your neck; or you might wake up with a realization about your sexual identity and realize that you have received Green Tourmaline's gift; the necklace might break or fall off; or you might take it off and forget to put it back on. These or similar situations are signals that it's time to remove the Green Tourmaline. This will probably happen within one to three days or, at the longest, a week.

It is important to maintain continual contact with the Green Tourmaline until you receive a definite sign that it is time to stop wearing it. It is not a good idea to wear this gemstone intermittently. On-and-off use could send your masculine aspect on a roller coaster ride. During this therapy, your masculine expression needs consistent support, which only continual contact with the Green Tourmaline can provide. Therefore, either wear the Green Tourmaline or keep it within three feet of your body at all times.


If you are basically healthy and balanced in your feminine and masculine energies, you can wear the Green Tourmaline from one to five hours at a time, every three to six months. For example, you may wear your male partner's Green Tourmaline for a few hours to nourish your masculine aspect or just to see what the Green Tourmaline does. Results are usually felt rather quickly.


Because Green Tourmaline has very powerful effects on women, it should not be worn for longer than about a week. If you have been wearing Green Tourmaline for more than a week and still feel you need to wear it, take it off and re-evaluate your condition. It's possible that a self-protection mechanism is rerouting Green Tourmaline's energy away from your body. This mechanism requires a great deal of energy to maintain and can drain your immune system and general strength.