We meet the Guardian of Citrine
Preparing for the Yellow Ray
The Sound of the Yellow Ray
Highlighting and Unwinding Disharmony
Cause and Effect Points
Chakras and the Color Rays
An Interplanetary Beacon

Citrine's energy was overwhelming. As soon as I sat and closed my eyes, I felt waves of its vibratory rate surging from the top of my head, down my spine, and back up the sides of my back. It seemed to be readjusting and realigning my skull and all my vertebrae and their surrounding muscles. This energy then became a stream of pure yellow light which surged out of my body through my crown chakra. Its sound was incredibly loud. My attention followed this stream of liquid light as it flowed beyond the atmosphere and out into space.

The yellow current carried me through a tunnel into a world of brilliant yellow light. There I was greeted by a being clothed in a yellow robe. I knew in my heart that this was the Guardian of Citrine. The Guardian's head was almost entirely covered by the robe's oversized hood. Although I could not tell whether the Guardian was male or female, I glimpsed dark brown skin beneath the yellow hood.

Citrine led me past several golden domes.
They were intensely beautiful, and I wondered what was inside of them. They are distractions, warned Citrine telepathically, Do not give them any attention!

Yet the domes were so beautiful and inviting that I began to wonder what was real and what was illusory. My heart told me that, to be safe, I must walk the path where the light and sound was most pure and intense. My curiosity about the domes faded when I realized the challenge of this exercise: the path of greatest light and sound was no wider than a razor's edge.

When we finally passed the domes, Citrine and I were met by my spiritual master. I wasn't surprised to see him there. I welcomed his presence in this land where the line between illusion and reality was so narrow. Because of the brightness and abundance of pure yellow light, one could easily think this place was the ultimate world, the true heaven itself. Yet somehow I knew it was only a reflection.

My spiritual master invited us to sit in a circle along with several other individuals. Then he stepped back to join two others who stood in silence a short distance beyond the circle. Although their faces were hidden inside the hoods of their robes, the light of their beings could not be contained, and it seeped through the seams of their garments. It seemed that they wished not to be noticed, though I couldn't help wondering who they were.

They are Gemstone Masters, Citrine said telepathically when the Guardian saw me watching them. You will learn more about them later.

Then Michael arrived and joined the circle, and I easily and swiftly slipped into Citrine's aura.

This discussion has a focus: to inform the people of Earth of my nature. Michael, I believe you have several questions.

"Would you begin by briefly describing your effects on the Earth human?" Michael asked.

It may be difficult to be brief.

Preparing for the Yellow Ray

As Citrine, I assure the physical body--and, indeed, all the bodies--that it is all right to accept the yellow ray. The yellow ray is the aspect of the life force that helps us release what isn't needed and accept what is needed to move to the next higher state.

I prepare all aspects of an individual to receive a greater amount of yellow ray. This is important, since the yellow ray in significant amounts is somewhat foreign to the physical body. Once the body is prepared for the yellow ray, I act like a magnet to draw the yellow ray to it. The yellow ray flows to the physical body through all the inner bodies from the place where the yellow ray splits from the pure white light and sound.

This task of preparing people for the yellow ray has been mine since the beginning. The yellow ray prepares one for the coming of greater spirituality. Every single one of Citrine's effects is related to my purpose of preparing people for a greater flow of yellow ray.

Citrine does not actually carry the yellow ray. As I said, it draws the yellow ray to the physical body. Citrine is not strong enough to contain the high vibratory rate of the yellow ray. There is another gemstone that does this. Compared to that gemstone, Citrine is not very powerful; however, it is much more plentiful. It exists to make the light and sound of the yellow ray available to the masses.

Citrine is one of the vibratory rates that was brought to the planet along with the other original color-ray gemstones. At that time, the Earth's vibratory rate was not able to accept an amount of yellow ray equal to that of the other color rays. Therefore, only a small amount of the true yellow-ray gemstone was planted.

You see, my mission was and still is to prepare the Earth and its people for the power of the gemstone which bears the yellow ray. Currently, that gemstone is very rare.

My purpose for the planet is similar to my purpose for the human being. I prepare the aura of the planet to accept a greater amount of yellow ray. Your planet and its people will soon have to accept a greater amount of yellow ray because that is part of your evolution. Citrine can help you prepare for this.

The color rays are not present on the Earth in equal amounts. Indeed, the color rays are not present in equal amounts on any planet. Furthermore, their ratio varies from planet to planet. For example, on another planet there may be a deficiency in the blue ray, and on that planet there may be a gemstone whose mission it is to prepare the people for a greater flow of the blue ray. The particular balance of color rays found on any planet is determined by the needs of its people. It is determined by the lessons they must learn, the strengths they must gain, and the levels of awareness they must attain.

The Sound of the Yellow Ray

At death, when your physical eyes close for the last time, your inner eyes will open to behold a world of brilliant light and beautiful sound. If, when you are alive, you can glimpse beyond the veil of death, the fear of death can be greatly calmed, resolved, or even removed. Then the inner sound you will hear and the light you will see at the time of death will be familiar. Citrine can help you become familiar first with the sound and then with the light.

Citrine draws the sound aspect of the yellow ray more strongly than it draws the light aspect. Citrine's crystalline matrix is designed to amplify the sound of the yellow ray; therefore, it is heard more easily than the sounds carried by the other color-ray gemstones. Sound is equally as important to life as light, but subtle sounds are often difficult to hear amid the noises of daily living. Those who wear Citrine continually will find their ears becoming more familiar with the sound of the life force, and this life-giving sound will become more real to them.

The more you listen to this sound, the more your inner ears will be cleansed and the more clearly you will hear it. This may allow your ears to open to the different sounds of all the gemstones. Each gemstone carries its own music, a unique and enchantingly beautiful sound. If one can hear the sound of a gemstone when one wears it, its powers will increase many fold. This is because the wearer will become more in tune with that gemstone's vibratory rate. What I am saying is that Citrine not only prepares one for the yellow ray; it can also prepare people to accept the greatest benefits that any gemstone can give.

Wearing a necklace of Citrine along with a necklace of any other gemstone will not increase that gemstone's powers. However, your inner sight and hearing will be opened by the Citrine, and this will prepare you to become more in tune with the other gemstone you are wearing. This, in turn, will enable that gemstone to work more effectively and in greater ways than it could before.

Possession of greater spiritual sight and hearing carries with it a certain responsibility. Before Citrine will work on opening your spiritual eyes and ears, its light and sound will bring into your life the lessons you need to earn that responsibility. To accomplish this, the Citrine must be rounded in some way; the crystalline form does not enhance spiritual sight and hearing.

In general, the most effective learning occurs when lessons come from every direction and are somewhat unpredictable. When lessons are predictable, people can second-guess them and find ways to avoid the lessons. Citrine spheres reflect light in a predictable way. Therefore, spheres will not be as effective as the rounded yet irregular form you call "chips," which interact with light in a more unpredictable way.

Wearing Citrine crystals, provided their color is pure yellow, can prepare the physical body to accept a greater amount of yellow ray. However, you are more than just a physical body; your inner bodies must also be prepared to accept more yellow ray. There is nothing wrong with wearing Citrine or other kinds of gemstone crystals. However, if you wish to work on all your aspects--physical and inner--you must work with crystals in rounded form. Rounded crystals will teach you about the worlds that lie within you. Wearing gemstones in crystalline form may help bring you to a certain point in your growth, but there is something more, something greater. In fact, there is much more.

I find the relationship between the crystalline and rounded forms of gemstones very interesting. Wearing rounded gemstones will help consciousness grow and expand. This expansion of awareness will lead people to appreciate how important crystals are, what wonderful tools they are for certain physical applications, and the ways they can be used to improve technology. These technological advancements will provide people with more time and the right conditions to develop even higher states of consciousness. These higher states will then be supported by the rounded form.

Highlighting and Unwinding Disharmony

"How else does Citrine affect the physical body?" Michael asked.

I highlight or identify areas of disharmony in the body. When worn alone, I focus the body's attention on these areas. When worn with a necklace containing a gemstone that affects the disharmonious areas, I focus that gemstone's energy on these areas. If Citrine is used for this purpose, it need only be worn along with the other gemstone for a few days. Then it should be worn for a day or two every two to four weeks.

Wherever Citrine is placed on the body, it has a stirring effect. This is especially true when it is placed over the chakras. This means that Citrine will greatly benefit any chakra that is stuck or tightly shut. Its vibratory rate will gently massage the placement area and stir it open. Some individuals call this stirring effect "unwinding." Citrine will have this effect on the stomach chakra even when the Citrine is simply being worn around the neck.

If the Citrine is held on or over the body with the left hand, there will be more of a calming, relaxing effect on the area. If the Citrine is held with the right hand, the stirring or unwinding activity will be emphasized, and the area involved will be stimulated to move into proper, natural alignment.

Particularly sensitive individuals may experience somewhat uncontrollable movements or unwinding, as the body reacts to the Citrine's energy and moves into greater alignment. These movements are usually not uncomfortable. Those who are less sensitive will also experience the alignment, but the process will be more gentle and gradual.

As a living organism, the body wants all its aspects to be in proper alignment. When any aspect is out of alignment, the flow of life force that keeps the body alive and gives it spiritual sustenance diminishes. Although food, water, and air are key ingredients for life, you are sustained by much more than these things. For example, your body accepts many life-giving energies through the chakras. Just as the body cannot live without food, water, or air, neither can it live without the energies that flow into the chakras; indeed, if all your chakras were tightly shut, you would die.

As the body ages, it grows more out of alignment and, as we all know, it draws closer to death. Citrine can help the body--at any age--to relax to the point where the life force can rush in, take hold of the individual, and move the physical body into a healthier state of alignment.

Cause and Effect Points

"How does Citrine affect the emotions?" Michael asked.

All emotions are the result of something I call a "cause point." A cause point is something that initiates an emotional response. My function is to shine my spotlight not on the cause point, but on the "effect point," specifically the first effect point. The first effect point is the immediate mental reaction or first thought you have directly before you have an emotional response.

A cause point might occur when, for example, your child cleans the bathroom sink with your toothbrush. The first effect point may be a thought such as, "Hey, I have to brush my teeth with that!" This would be followed by your emotional response--probably anger.

I shine my spotlight on this first thought or effect point. This spotlight gives you a clearer view of what is happening before you respond emotionally. If you were wearing Citrine when this cause point occurred, your first effect point would be highlighted and, in effect, brightened. Then, instead of having a negative thought, you might think, "Well, perhaps my child was trying to help clean the bathroom but didn't have a scrub brush," or you might think, "Big deal. I can either wash out my toothbrush or get a new one." Such thoughts would tend to defuse an angry reaction before it occurs. Of course, you might still choose to become angry if that's the most appropriate response to the situation.

I take no responsibility for the emotion or the strength of the emotion you express. I simply highlight your first effect point and thereby increase your awareness of it. With greater awareness, your emotional response will tend to be more balanced.

Emotions are often out of balance in those who have a deficiency of the yellow ray. If these individuals wear Citrine, they will become aware, although perhaps subconsciously, of an emotional center within them. In this way, Citrine can greatly benefit those who react in emotional extremes or who lack an emotionally balanced nature.

Chakras and the Color Rays

"How do color-ray deficiencies occur?" inquired Michael.

Each of the inner bodies has chakras, just as the physical body does. The color rays of the life force flow from their unmanifest source to the physical body through these inner-body chakras.

Although ideally all chakras in all bodies are aligned, in reality no one's chakras are perfectly aligned on all levels. One chakra might be shifted to the left, another might be shifted a little to the right, and so on. These shifts occur for many reasons, including the presence of various imbalances, patterns, or blockages. If a chakra in an inner body moves too far out of alignment, the flow of the color rays is affected. The misaligned chakra and all the corresponding chakras in the bodies "below" it will suffer from a life-force and color-ray deficiency.

"There is a belief among some people on my planet that each color ray of the life force enters the body through a different chakra--that red enters through the root chakra, with the other rays following the order of the rainbow up the body," Michael said.

Actually, all seven colors enter each chakra. However, one color usually enters each chakra more strongly than the other six. At this time in history, it is difficult to make a universal statement about which color enters which chakra most strongly. This is because some of the colors that predominantly enter certain chakras are moving to different chakras. In other words, the color rays that once entered certain chakras most forcefully no longer do so; they are shifting their focus to other chakras. These changes are a result of the transitions people are undergoing.

The root chakra symbolizes the strictly physical state of consciousness that people are moving away from. As people are evolving toward greater spirituality and wholeness, energies are moving up away from the root and sacral chakras. These two chakras are still crucial to life, and the color rays are not ignoring them. However, they are being nourished only to the extent that they can maintain their energy flows and therefore support the higher chakras.

The stomach chakra itself is also undergoing a change. It has always accepted the yellow ray as its primary color ray and will continue to do so. However, the stomach chakra is no longer as far down on the body as it once was. In some people it has already moved closer to the stomach organ; in others it is in the process of moving up; and in others the change has not yet begun to take place.

The Earth and her people are in a transition of great magnitude, depth, and significance. For the transition to be well established, all the changes I have described must occur slowly.

I will continue my mission of preparing people for the yellow ray. It's as though my work will never be done. As soon as some individuals are prepared, others will be born who will also need the experience of being prepared.

An Interplanetary Beacon

During the Age of Atlantis, extraterrestrials used Citrine to keep records of their visits. They placed patterns of Citrine crystals in the Earth to mark where they had landed and where they should return. These configurations contained information on what they had done in a certain area and how the people there had reacted to them. The Citrine used in these patterns also acted as searchlights or beacons and served a purpose similar to that of airport landing lights.

Although the general public of Atlantis was not aware of such things, some Atlanteans discovered the patterns of Citrine laid by the extraterrestrials. These Atlanteans then formed their own patterns that sent impulses into space and were quite effective in attracting spacecraft to their areas.

I mention this only because I feel it might be fascinating to your people. I also wish to emphasize that crystals are tools and that their functions go far beyond that of being objects of beauty.

When Atlantis was destroyed, a change in consciousness on the planet occurred. Citrine's power was transformed. I am no longer the beacon I once was. Now, when used in rounded form, I search for disharmonies within the body and, like a beacon, I highlight these areas.

Still, there is something peculiar to the vibratory rate of Citrine that makes it easily seen from beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Nonetheless, people should not expect to be contacted by an extraterrestrial if they wear just one or two necklaces of Citrine, or even if they place a large amount of Citrine crystals in their backyard and wait all night. My power as a beacon has greatly waned. On the other hand, if you want to experiment, you could wear eight or ten necklaces of Citrine and place your attention on your hearing. The most effective time to do this would be at dawn or dusk. Doing this may enable you to develop communication with individuals beyond the Earth planet.

By the way, not all extraterrestrials have the best intentions. You have the power to screen visitors by declaring that only those with honorable intentions are invited into your area.

Before we end this discussion, I want to say that you do not need Citrine to prepare yourself for the yellow ray. You do not need gemstones for anything. However, if you have a goal and you are wise, you will use the tools Spirit brings to your awareness, for they are here to help you.

If you want to achieve your goal in this lifetime, I highly recommend using the tools with which you feel most comfortable and in harmony. As Citrine, I am available to assist. I am available to give. You have only to accept my gift.

"Is there anything else you wish to share?" asked Michael.

It makes no difference whether I am male or female, who I am, where I come from, or what I look like. My personality has nothing to do with my purpose. You should not place attention on these details. When my experience of being a Gemstone Guardian is completed and I have learned the lessons I need to learn from it, another individual will step into my place. Another individual will become the Guardian of Citrine, because the lessons and experiences that go with this job will be needed by that individual. This transition can occur at any time. Therefore, who I am is immaterial. After all, you do not wear the Guardian, you wear the gemstone.

The next Guardian you'll meet is the one whose duty it is to experience and learn all the lessons required of being the caretaker of the gemstone Aquamarine.

Thank you for meeting me here.

I slipped out of Citrine's aura easily. The Guardian immediately readjusted the bright yellow hood to cover his or her head more completely, knowing that I would probably want to sneak a look.

My spiritual master moved into the circle and motioned everyone to stand. Then, without hesitation, he walked away. I knew that he was going to the world of Aquamarine or to the place where we would find the Guardian of that gemstone. He did not look back. We all knew that if we wanted to meet Aquamarine, we must follow him without delay.