We meet the Guardian of Green Tourmaline
The Masculine and Feminine Rays
Stewardship of the Earth
Strengthening the Weakest Link
Green Tourmaline and Woman
Creating Harmony Between Mates
Gemstones and their Guardians

I looked within and placed my attention on Green Tourmaline. Immediately I felt a surge of its powerful energy. Although this energy felt somewhat uncomfortable, I knew I must find its source. Cautiously, I allowed the energy to lead me there. Moments later I found myself next to a tall, tropical waterfall.

I stood in a small clearing next to the cascade, surrounded by lush jungle foliage. A cloud of green spray rose from a pool at the base of the towering column of water. There was something unusual about this waterfall. I studied it more carefully and realized that the column of water wasn't water at all. It was a Green Tourmaline crystal! And the mist rising from the pool below wasn't water vapor but a cloud of Tourmaline's vibratory rate rising into the atmosphere. The pool itself was a seemingly bottomless hole filled with nothing but this mist, swirling and folding into itself.

Suddenly someone appeared at my side. It was the maroon-robed spiritual master who had accompanied Michael and me during our first meeting with the Gemstone Guardians. Four others, including Michael, also appeared. Finally, the Guardian of Green Tourmaline arrived. He had come by a footpath that led from behind the giant Tourmaline crystal.

The Guardian appeared to be in his fifties. He wore a dark green, long-sleeved robe that hid what seemed to be a tall, slender, and muscular body. His forest-green hair had streaks of gray and framed an angular face. The Guardian's light-green skin looked surprisingly healthy despite its unusual color.

Then I knew why the spiritual master was there: I personally did not feel in harmony with Green Tourmaline. The presence of the master ensured that I would not become imbalanced by the great volume of Green Tourmaline energy radiating from its Guardian. I focused on relaxing completely and suddenly found myself within his aura.

I give power and strength to those whose molecular structures have a vibratory rate of a certain nature. Only the male vibratory rate has this nature and is compatible with Green Tourmaline.

My mission is to balance the male and help him reach his full potential. I broaden the viewpoint of any man who wears me and maximize the life force flowing through him. Indeed, I strengthen the vibratory rate of every molecule within a man's body.

I do not recommend that women wear Green Tourmaline alone without the gemstone you call Pink Tourmaline, or Rubellite. If a woman wore a necklace of only Green Tourmaline, her masculine nature would eventually overwhelm her feminine nature. One imbalance after another would manifest. Her emotional strength would be crushed, and eventually hormone imbalances would occur. The addition of Pink Tourmaline would cancel out most of Green Tourmaline's power--unfortunately, it would also nullify most of Pink Tourmaline's benefits.

The Masculine and Feminine Rays

The Green and Pink Tourmalines represent the positive and negative forces, both of which must be present for physical matter to manifest. They also represent the male and female energies and how both of these energies are required for life to exist. Green Tourmaline is the carrier for the male energy, the north pole, and the positive force. Pink Tourmaline is the carrier for the female energy, the south pole, and the negative force.

The neutral force is the third ingredient required for manifestation. This third force was not manifested in the Tourmaline crystal. Although it is hinted at in clear Tourmaline, it is not carried by it. Besides, there is no such thing as true clear Tourmaline. If it were chemically analyzed, some molecules of the Green, Pink, or other color would probably be detected.

The masculine and feminine energies were placed within crystals so the males and females who would eventually inhabit the planet would have energy sources to make each gender independent and strong. The crystalline matrix of Tourmaline was chosen to carry these energies because Tourmaline is very strong, resilient, and steadfast.

Masculine and feminine energies exist throughout the universe. Tourmaline crystals in the Earth--even deeply buried ones--attract these energies. Green Tourmaline acts as the Earth's receiver for the masculine energy. This energy flows toward the crystal, filling the Earth's aura with a defined vortex of masculine energy. As I said, Pink Tourmaline acts as the receiver for the feminine energy.

When one gender dominates another, lessons are to be learned by both. Soul has important lessons to experience on both sides of the situation. Now, in the past several decades, a very curious thing has occurred. Both genders are demanding equality. One might think that only women are demanding equality, but this is not so. Men are striving for equality as well, whether or not they are conscious of it.

The dominant gender often dominates only to hide its weaknesses. It wants to hide its vulnerability, so it pretends to be strong. This impulse is natural for men, because their physical bodies are generally stronger than women's. This physical strength is due to the vibratory rate of their molecules.

The secret is that the equality sought by both genders is not the equality between the millions of women and men on this planet. That is only the outward appearance. What is really happening is not the "battle of the sexes"--it is the war between each individual's feminine and masculine natures. Whether you have a female or male body, both masculine and feminine energies exist within you. It is just that you have slightly more of one type of energy than the other, depending on the gender of your physical body. The true conflict is occurring between these two types of energy within you.

As I said, during this century both genders have begun to demand equality. There are probably many reasons why this highly unusual behavior is suddenly occurring. You may not believe that what I am about to tell you has anything to do with it, but the amount of Green Tourmaline on the planet directly affects the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It does this by influencing the amount of masculine force that exists on Earth.

Stewardship of the Earth

In the past, much larger quantities of bright, clear, emerald-green Tourmaline existed on the Earth than do today. This variety of Green Tourmaline is the strongest and therefore carries the greatest amount and purest form of masculine energy. Very little of this kind of Green Tourmaline remains on your planet.

During the past seven hundred years, most of the highest quality Green Tourmaline has been taken from the Earth by individuals from other planets. The effects of the dark green crystals still abundant on Earth are not as strong, because much less light can flow through them, and their color is not as pure and bright as the green of the rainbow.

This situation is somewhat analogous to that of a farmer who does not know the boundaries of his property. To illustrate, let's assume that you are a farmer living on twenty square miles of land with no fence around your property. You probably don't know exactly where your property ends and your neighbor's begins.

Let's also assume that you have crystals growing on your land and you don't understand their value. Your neighbor, on the other hand, understands that they are very valuable indeed. Now, if your neighbor took these crystals from your land, you probably wouldn't consider it stealing. For one thing, because you're unaware of your exact borders, you can't be certain that the crystals are located on your land. For another, you don't think the crystals have much value.

One day you hire a surveyor to clearly stake your land. You learn exactly where your borders are, and you claim all the land within them as your own. You also declare that all resources on this land are yours. After that, if your neighbor took the crystals growing on your property, you would consider it stealing. This is because he would now be taking without permission something that belongs on land you have claimed as your own.

It is time that the people of Earth do the same. It is time that you claim your planet as your own. You must do this to stop people from other planets from plundering the Earth's resources.

Now, I am neither for nor against this plundering. However, it is my duty to benefit man (and woman, indirectly) in any way I can. If you claim the Earth as yours, those from other planets who have honorable intentions will not intentionally steal from you.

You Earth humans need your resources. You may think you have plundered the Earth. However, what you have taken from the Earth is perhaps ten percent of what people from other planets have taken.

To stop this plundering by outsiders, enough Earth humans must consciously claim stewardship of the Earth planet. To do this you must consciously state, "This is my planet, my home, and my land." This should not just include what lies within the boundaries of your own backyard. It should include the entire planet. If enough people adopt this attitude, the Earth will be protected from those with honorable intentions. Then, if these outsiders still want what the Earth has, they will have to open other avenues of negotiation.

How does this help you understand my purpose? Indirectly. I give men motivation, courage, and self-confidence. I give them these qualities so they can become confident and strong enough to allow other feelings to develop and be expressed. These qualities also help them strengthen their weaknesses and become more balanced. In other words, I allow their masculine and feminine natures to work in greater harmony.

One can begin to change his life by staking a claim: "This is my life. I have the power to take charge of it, and I am going to take charge of it. But I could use some help. I will use Green Tourmaline as one of my tools for attaining self-mastery."

One can stake a parallel claim for one's planet: "This is my planet. I take responsibility for it. But I need the help of other individuals. Then we, as people of the Earth, can live in greater harmony and work together for the benefit of the whole."

Strengthening the Weakest Link

Green Tourmaline promotes balance on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. However, the way I do this is very different from that of other gemstones with balancing effects. I promote balance by strengthening the weakest link in the chain.

First, my energy fills your aura and gathers information about all your aspects. Then I identify and focus my energy on the weakest area of your physical body. When the physical body has achieved a certain degree of balance, I move to the weakest area of your emotional body. Finally, I move to the weakest part of your mind.

Green Tourmaline works in stages. First the physical body is brought to what I shall call "stage one." Then the emotional body is brought to stage one, followed by the mind. At that point, Tourmaline's focus returns again to the physical body to bring it to "stage two;" the emotional body is brought to stage two, and then the mind. This process continues as long as the Tourmaline is worn.

The first movement in the physical body from "zero" to "stage one" will probably take the longest to accomplish because physical matter takes a long time to change. Consequently, Green Tourmaline's focus is frequently on the physical body.

Even after wearing Green Tourmaline for only one day, you may feel physically stronger. If you continue to wear it, you'll find that you also become emotionally stronger and then mentally stronger.

Before the weakest link can be strengthened, it must be recognized. It takes much courage to recognize one's weaknesses and to face them. Therefore, when men first put on Green Tourmaline, my initial response is to give a feeling of strength, courage, and self-confidence. This occurs as soon as Tourmaline touches a masculine aura.

Green Tourmaline and Women

When Green Tourmaline touches a feminine aura, an entirely different effect occurs: the Tourmaline pulls backs its energy. I hold back my energy as much as I can, because I don't wish to imbalance any human being. However, I cannot hold back completely.

When a woman wears Green Tourmaline, her body recognizes that she is not in harmony with it and will start to put up resistance. To some, this resistance may appear to be an aura of protection created by the Green Tourmaline. However, what is actually happening is that her body is protecting itself from an invader--a disharmonious vibratory rate. Therefore, what may appear to be an aura of protection is really the woman's own defense mechanisms at work and the Tourmaline's efforts to protect her from its energy.

When people encounter disharmony and must engage their defense mechanisms, they are faced with a choice between "fight" or "flight." The protective aura a woman creates when she is wearing Green Tourmaline is the fight response. This response is designed to last for only short periods of time. If a woman wears Green Tourmaline continuously, her fight mechanisms will be compelled to work constantly and will quickly become exhausted. Once her reserves are spent, imbalances will occur.

For women, it may be best to wear a fairly large quantity of Green Tourmaline. I say this only because it might help them get the message sooner that the Tourmaline is not right for them and that they should stop wearing it.

I, as Green Tourmaline, am providing you with knowledge about a powerful tool. However, power is a double-edged sword. You may use it to great advantage or misuse it to great disadvantage. I am a gemstone that must be used with respect, self-discipline, and understanding. I must also be used without ego, vanity, or concepts regarding my effects on women.

Creating Harmony Between Mates

Disharmonies often arise in relationships between mates. Many things can cause these problems, including alcohol, the kids, money, or another woman or man.

Whatever the cause, a wonderful therapy for ailing relationships is for the man to wear Green Tourmaline and the woman to wear Pink Tourmaline. When the man wears Green Tourmaline, it will give him strength. He will learn to balance his masculine and feminine natures. Because Green Tourmaline's vibratory rate will fill the atmosphere in the house, it will affect the woman's aura as well. This will nourish the woman's masculine aspect. Since she herself will not be wearing the Green Tourmaline, she will experience an indirect effect that will benefit her and create no disharmony.

When the woman wears Pink Tourmaline, it will greatly nourish her feminine nature. She will learn from the Pink Tourmaline how to balance her feminine and masculine aspects. At the same time, Pink Tourmaline's vibratory rate will touch and affect her mate's aura. Pink Tourmaline is a strong protector for both genders. When its vibratory rate enters an aura, it transforms the aura into a shield. When the man begins to feel this protection, consciously or not, he will feel safe and therefore comfortable enough to work on balancing his own feminine and masculine natures.

Pink Tourmaline opens lines of communication between masculine and feminine, thereby creating balance. When a man and woman each wear the appropriate Tourmaline, rather than the Tourmalines canceling each other out--as happens when both Tourmalines are worn by the same person--each person benefits from the other's Tourmaline. The result is an opening of communication between the man and the woman and an increase in balance between the masculine and feminine energies within each of them.

Therefore, if a man and woman wish to resolve problems in their relationship, they should try wearing Green and Pink Tourmaline. If they are not having problems, this will strengthen their relationship. However, if the individuals want to separate and end their relationship, the woman should wear Green Tourmaline, and the man should wear Pink Tourmaline. If they do this, I guarantee the relationship will be over within weeks. The man and woman will not be able to live with each other.

Gemstones and Their Guardians

"As a Gemstone Guardian, are you aware of all Green Tourmaline and the way each Tourmaline gemstone is acting on the person wearing it?" Michael asked.

No, I am not. Gemstone Guardians are to their gemstones what your brain is to all the cells in your body. Your cells give your brain information about their needs, and your brain directs the life force to the cells as they need it. In a similar way, every Green Tourmaline crystal relays information to me, and I direct life force and nourishment back to each crystal. However, both these processes occur on an unconscious level.

You are not conscious of what every cell in your body is doing. Generally, your attention is called to particular cells only when they are experiencing a great challenge or when they are trying to accomplish something noble. This is also the case with Gemstone Guardians and the gemstones for which they are responsible.

"How does the gemstone get to know its wearer?"

I shall answer this question in simple terms.

Your aura contains all the information about your physical body, emotions, memory, mind, intuition, and, to a degree, Soul itself. It also contains information about how your nonphysical aspects relate to the physical body.

This information is stored in the aura in patterns or sequences of vibratory rate, sequences of light, and varying densities and concentrations of energies. These patterns contain specific information about the past, present, and future. By future, I mean the potential future as it is being created by conditions in the present; if you change the conditions in the present, you will change your future.

The energy or vibratory rate that radiates from a rounded crystal fills the aura and touches these patterns and sequences of information. With most gemstones, the vibratory rate then returns to the gemstone, carrying this information with it. This is how these gemstones learn about their wearers.

Green Tourmaline is slightly different. Tourmaline in rounded form knows all of its vibratory rate intimately. It's as though every "molecule" of vibratory rate thrown into the aura is still a part of the Tourmaline around your neck.

On an energetic level, what essentially occurs is that the gemstones around your neck expand to the size of your whole aura. It's as though the gemstones themselves fill your aura. The gems' relationship with your aura becomes like your brain's relationship to the cells in your body or a Gemstone Guardian's relationship to the crystals of which he or she is in charge. The Tourmaline gemstones around your neck know what each "molecule" of their vibratory rate learns when it's in your aura.

It is the nature of gemstones in rounded form to know the one who wears them, just as it is your nature to know the people with whom you live. The longer you live with them, the better you get to know them.

One of the reasons I have shared this information about the properties of Green Tourmaline is to see how Earth humans react to such knowledge. Are they self-disciplined? Will they take the responsibility to use this powerful tool properly? Or will they ignore the gift and let it sit unopened in the box?

Any man, even the healthiest on Earth, can benefit from wearing Green Tourmaline, because there is no such thing as perfect health. Something is always out of balance somewhere, or some weakness exists on some level. As far as health is concerned, there is always another step to take.

As people attain greater health, their attention will naturally turn away from their physical problems to encompass a greater understanding and awareness of themselves. This will eventually lead to self-mastery.

Before one can become a spiritual master, or a master of Spirit, one must first master one's physical body, emotions, memory, mind, and intuition. I help people master these physical and subtle aspects. To learn about spiritual mastery, look to the spiritual masters.

If you walk down the path I took to get here and continue to the other side of the mountain, you will find a waterfall of pink and gold. There you will meet the Gemstone Master Rubellite. Rubellite is another name for high-quality Pink Tourmaline.

I will lead you there. Before I do, have you any more questions?

"I only wish to know if there is anything else you want to share," Michael replied.

There is still much to share about Green Tourmaline. I could tell you about many specific ways that Green Tourmaline can be used, but this will wait for next time.

"Thank you," said Michael and the others, almost in unison.

May the blessings be.

As difficult as it was to remain in Green Tourmaline's aura, it was equally hard to leave. Even after I had finally wriggled out, I still felt his powerful effects. I sensed that they would be with me for many hours.

Without saying another word, the Guardian walked down the footpath. We knew we were expected to follow, but I waited until everyone but the maroon-robed master had filed behind the Guardian. When I could barely see the others through the foliage, I started down the path. The master followed me. I decided not to hurry. As we walked, I let my senses drink in the balmy, fragrant tropical beauty surrounding me.